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Call: 3rd call

Acronym LLB
Type of Fund Structural Fund
Description of programme
"ENI CBC Latvia – Lithuania – Belarus"
This programme has defined the following strategic goal:
"To strengthen relations, raise capacities and share experience among people and organisations from Latvia, Lithuania and Belarus through implementation of joined actions aimed at increasing the overall quality of life in the border regions"
While the programme focuses on the enhancement of public sector's skills and tools for providing services at regional level, it also supports the development of social capital in the region, encouraging activity of the third sector - NGOs, communities, local inhabitants.
In order to achieve the strategic goal, the programme focuses on the following four Thematic Objectives (TO)
  1. TO1. Promotion of social inclusion and fight against poverty;
  2. TO2. Support to local and regional good governance; 
  3. TO3. Promotion of local culture and preservation of historical heritage; 
  4. TO4. Promotion of border management and border security.
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3rd call
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