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Call: Action grants to support transnational projects aiming to build capacity for professionals in child protection systems and legal professionals representing children in legal proceedings

Acronym REC
Type of Fund Action programme
Description of programme
"Rights, Equality and Citizenship"

The general objective of the Programme shall be to contribute, in accordance with Article 4 of the Treaty on the EU (TEU), to the further development of an area where equality and the rights of persons as enshrined in the TEU, in the Treaty of the Functioning of the EU (TFEU), in the Charter of fundamental rights of the EU and in the international human rights conventions to which the Union has acceded, are promoted, protected and effectively implemented.

To achieve the general objective, the Programme has the following specific objectives:

  • to promote the effective implementation of the principle of non -discrimination on grounds of sex, racial or ethnic origin, religion or belief, disability, age or sexual orientation, and to respect the principle of non-discrimination on the grounds provided for in Article 21 of the Charter;
  • to prevent and combat racism, xenophobia, homophobia and other forms of intolerance;
  • to promote and protect the rights of persons with disabilities;
  • to promote equality between women and men and to advance gender mainstreaming;
  • to prevent and combat all forms of violence against children, young people and women, as well as violence against other groups at risk, in particular groups at risk of violence in close relationships, and to protect victims of such violence;
  • to promote and protect the rights of the child;
  • to contribute to ensuring the highest level of protection of privacy and personal data;
  • to promote and enhance the exercise of rights deriving from citizenship of the Union;
  • to enable individuals in their capacity as consumers or entrepreneurs in the internal market to enforce their rights deriving from Union law, having regard to the projects funded under the Consumer Programme.

Amongst others, the specific objectives shall be pursued through:

  • enhancing awareness and knowledge of Union law and policies as well as of the rights, values and principles underpinning the Union;
  • supporting the effective, comprehensive and consistent implementation and application of Union law instruments and policies in the Member States and the monitoring and evaluation thereof.
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Description of programme
"Fundamental Rights and Citizenship"

The Fundamental Rights and Citizenship programme aims to promote the development of a European society based on respect for fundamental rights and rights derived from citizenship of the European Union.

The focus of the Fundamental Rights and Citizenship programme is:

  • the protection of the rights of the child;
  • combating racism, xenophobia and anti-Semitism;
  • the fight against homophobia;
  • active participation in the democratic life of the Union;
  • data protection and privacy rights;
  • training and networking between legal professions and legal practitioners.
Action grants to support transnational projects aiming to build capacity for professionals in child protection systems and legal professionals representing children in legal proceedings
Description of call
"Action grants to support transnational projects aiming to build capacity for professionals in child protection systems and legal professionals representing children in legal proceedings"

This call for proposals will support capacity building for professionals in child protection systems and legal professionals/practitioners representing children in judicial proceedings, by promoting good practices in the development of training modules grounded in EU and international standards and in rolling out training in the participating countries. Priority will be given to projects that focus on or explicitly include a majority of children from vulnerable groups.


All projects should not only develop a sound methodology using recognized existing good practice or tried and tested intervention models, but also consist of a large proportion of concrete and practical delivery to the specific target groups identified, ultimately to improve children's experience of the judicial and child protection systems. All projects under this call must be aligned with Article 24 of the Charter of fundamental rights of the EU and the UN Convention on the rights of the child (UNCRC) and pay particular attention to implementation of Article 12 UNCRC.


This call will fund activities for three priorities focusing on different types of target groups:


  • Priority 1: Target group A: Capacity-building for practitioners/professionals working with or for children in alternative care or detention,
  • Priority 2: Target group B: Capacity-building for lawyers/legal advisers representing children in criminal, administrative and civil justice,
  • Priority 3: Target group C: Capacity-building for legal and other practitioners such as social and health workers, youth workers and the police to pilot and roll out multi-disciplinary evidence-based child-friendly practices in the area of diversion.


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Thematic Focus Education, Equal Rights, Justice, Capacity Building, Youth, Human Rights
Funding area EU Member States
Iceland / Ísland
Origin of Applicant EU Member States
Iceland / Ísland
Eligible applicants International Organization, Small and Medium Sized Enterprises, SMEs (between 10 and 249 employees), NGO / NPO, National Government, Enterprise (more than 250 employees or not defined), Public Services, Other
Applicant details

Applicants and partners must be legally constituted public or private organisations, or international organisations. The applicant must be a non-profit organisation.


Bodies and organisations which are profit-oriented shall have access to grants only as partners.


‘Non-profit organisation’ can be:


  •  a legal entity that is by its legal form non-profit-making; or
  •  has a legal or statutory obligation not to distribute profits to its shareholders or individual members. The provision that profits will not be distributed must be clearly stipulated either in the law or in the statutes of the organisation; decisions on (not) distributing profits made by its managing board, associates, stakeholders, members or representatives are not sufficient proof of the non-profit nature. 
Project Partner Yes
Project Partner Details

The application must be transnational and involve organisations from at least four participating countries (applicant and co-applicants).

Recurring Call No
Project duration max 24 months
Financial details

The EU grant requested cannot be lower than100 000 €. There is no upper limit.  

Maximum rate of EU co-financing is 80% of the eligible costs.


Online via PRIAMOS.

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