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Call: eProcurement 2015

Connecting Europe Facility
Acronym CEF
Type of Fund Action programme
Description of programme
"Connecting Europe Facility"
The CEF shall enable projects of common interest to be prepared and implemented within the framework of the transeuropean networks policy in the sectors of transport, telecommunications and energy. In particular, the CEF shall support the implementation of those projects of common interest which aim at the development and construction of new infrastructures and services, or at the upgrading of existing infrastructures and services, in the three sectors.
Description of programme
"CEF - Telecom"

In the telecommunications sector, the CEF shall support actions that pursue the objectives specified in a Regulation on guidelines for trans-European networks in the area of telecommunications infrastructure.

eProcurement 2015
Description of call
"eProcurement 2015"

The priority outcomes of this call for proposals are defined in Section of the 2015 work programme. They include the integration of e-Certis services into national eTendering solutions to allow economic operators and contracting authorities to:


• Easily access information about certificates and attestations required by public procurement procedures;

• Facilitate the verification of national equivalents of certificates and attestations required by public procurement procedures.


The technical objective of the call is to provide a web service based on the Virtual Company Dossier (VCD) coming from PEPPOL to e-Certis so that third parties can access to retrieve information about certifications and attestations. The aim is that eTendering solutions throughout Europe integrate their solutions with e-Certis to provide easy economic operators and contracting authorities with access to certifications and attestations.

As e-Certis is just one element of eProcurement, further actions will be added in the future. In terms of interoperability the eTendering pilot done within eSENS will play an important part. Apart from e-Certis, a major role will be played by the European Single Procurement Document (ESPD) as well as the standard forms from the Publications Office. In order to promote the uptake and speed up the use of the e-Certis amongst both public and private entities established in the EU and EEA countries participating the CEF Telecommunications programme, generic services will be supported through grants under the 2015 budget with the purpose of facilitating the verification of national equivalence of the certificates and attestations required within a public procurement procedure.

Thematic Focus Energy, Sustainability, Telecommunication, Transport, Traffic, Competitiveness
Funding area EU Member States
Iceland / ├Źsland
Norway / Norge
Select Origin of Applicant EU Member States
Eligible applicants Federal State / Region / City / Municipality / Local Authority, International Organization, National Government, Enterprise (more than 250 employees or not defined), Public Services
Applicant details

In accordance with the 2015 work programme and pursuant to Article 9 of the CEF Regulation, only those proposals submitted by one of the following types of applicants are eligible:


  • One or more Member States
  • With the agreement of the Member States or EEA countries concerned, international organisations, joint undertakings, or public or private undertakings or bodies established in Member States


In the Guide for Applicants, the glossary gives the following definition of a public sector body:

"Regional or local authorities, body governed by public law or association formed by one or several such authorities or one or several such bodies governed by public law, international organisations. A body governed by public law is any body that is:


(a) established for the specific purpose of meeting needs in the general interest, not having an industrial or commercial character; and

(b) having legal personality; and

(c) financed, for the most part by the State, or regional or local authorities, or other bodies governed by public law; or subject to management supervision by those bodies; or having an administrative, managerial or supervisory board, more than half of whose members are appointed by the State, regional or local authorities or by other bodies governed by public law." 

Project Partner Details

Projects can be submitted by a single applicant or as a  multi-applicant proposal. The agreement of the Member State(s) concerned by the proposed Action is to be secured in both cases.


Grants will be offered to entities in Member States which integrate the computer interface of e-Certis in their existing solution to enable users (contracting authorities and/or economic operators) to retrieve the information from e-Certis within their software. Synergies between e-Certis and IMI (Internal Market Information System) should be exploited.

Recurring Call No
Financial details

The indicative amount to be allocated on the basis of this call for proposals to projects of common interest in the field of trans-European telecommunications for eProcurement is 1.4 million €.


The maximum co-financing rates of EU financial assistance to be granted under this call for proposals will not exceed 75% of eligible costs of the action. 


Where necessary to achieve the objectives of a given project of common interest and where duly motivated, third countries and entities established in third countries may participate in actions contributing to the projects of common interest. They may not receive funding under this Regulation, except where it is indispensable to achieve the objectives of a given project of common interest.


Proposals must be submitted electronically using the eSubmission module

Contact Details Directorat C of INEA (Innovation and Networks Executive Agency)
Beneficiaries info point.

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