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Call: CEF - European e-Justice

Type of Fund Action programme
Description of programme
"CEF - Telecom"

In the telecommunications sector, the CEF shall support actions that pursue the objectives specified in a Regulation on guidelines for trans-European networks in the area of telecommunications infrastructure.

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CEF - European e-Justice
Description of call
"CEF - European e-Justice"
The aim of this call is to further develop new generic services that will support expanding the area of coverage of the various e-Justice Core Service Platform modules. Proposals should address only one of the following generic services:
  • E-evidence
  • Interconnection of Insolvency Registers (IR)
  • Access to e-CODEX
  • Integration of electronic multilingual standard forms into national eGovernment systems
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Thematic Focus Digitisation, ICT, Telecommunication
Funding area EU Member States
Iceland / Ísland
Norway / Norge
Origin of Applicant EU Member States
Iceland / Ísland
Norway / Norge
Eligible applicants Public Services, Federal State / Region / City / Municipality / Local Authority, Education and Training Centres, Research Institution, Lobby Group / Professional Association / Trade Union, International Organization, Small and Medium Sized Enterprises, SMEs (between 10 and 249 employees), Microenterprises (fewer than 10 employees), NGO / NPO, National Government, Start Up Company, University, Enterprise (more than 250 employees or not defined), Association
Applicant details Proposals must be submitted by at least 1 public authority
Recurring Call Yes
Further info The indicative duration of an action proposed under this call is 24 months
Type of Funding Grants
Financial details

Indicative budget: 3 million €
Co-funding rate: max. 75%

Submission Online via TENtec
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