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Call: European Networks

Type of Fund Action programme
Description of programme
"Creative Europe"

Creative Europe's stated aims are to help the cultural and creative sectors seize the opportunities of the digital age and globalisation, enable the sectors to reach their economic potential, contributing to sustainable growth, jobs, and social cohesion, and to give Europe's culture and media sectors access to new international opportunities, markets, and audiences.
This will, amongst others, involve funding for:

  • artists and cultural professionals
  • cinemas
  • films
  • book translations
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Description of programme
Under the Culture sub-programme, opportunities exist for:
  • Cooperation between cultural and creative organisations from different countries;
  • Initiatives to translate and promote literary works across the European Union;
  • Networks helping the cultural and creative sector to operate competitively and transnationally;
  • Establishing platforms to promote emerging artists and stimulating European programming for cultural and artistic works.
European Networks
Description of call
"European Networks"

Networks play an important role in bringing together fragmented national actors across Europe. Furthermore, they are important multipliers vis-à-vis their sectors and can help accelerate their adjustment to the challenges identified through knowledge sharing and awareness raising activities, thereby contributing to a supportive environment for cultural operators.
To support the activities of those networks whose activities are in line with the objectives and priorities of the Creative Europe Culture Sub-programme, the network scheme will be implemented through framework partnership agreements 2 to be signed in 2014 and in 2017 of respectively 3 years and 4 years. The maximum grant per specific agreement awarded under the framework partnership agreement will be 250,000 € per year.
Purely illustrative examples of the activities that can be supported within projects, if they contribute to the above objectives and priorities, include the following (please note this list is not exhaustive):

  • The organisation of meetings, conferences, workshops and/or the development of tools, including digital tools to foster information exchange, exchange of practice and informal peer learning which are important to strengthen the capacity of the sectors, in particular internationalising and professionalising them.
  • Facilitating multilateral exchanges, professional networking and partnership and project development. Exchanges may be among professionals, or multi-layered, for example with artists, policy-makers, etc.
  • The analysis and comparison of policies, programmes and impediments to the development of culture at European, national, regional and local levels. The dissemination of accessible and re-usable knowledge to cultural operators, decision-makers, investors and public opinion.
  • The collection of quantitative and qualitative data on sector developments and the development of methodologies for collecting comparable data and their interpretation by these networks where possible. This will help to address the current lack of comparable quantitative and qualitative data on various sectors.
  • The preparation of newsletters and the maintenance of professional databases to assist cultural professionals, artists or audiences.

The scheme shall support, in particular, not-for-profit projects.

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Thematic Focus SME, Art and Culture, Mobility, Competitiveness
Funding area EU Member States
Neighbouring Countries
EFTA countries
Montenegro / Crna Gora/Црна Гора
Origin of Applicant EU Member States
Albania / Shqipëria
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia / поранешна југословенска Република Македонија
Iceland / Ísland
Montenegro / Crna Gora/Црна Гора
Norway / Norge
Serbia / Сpбија
Eligible applicants Small and Medium Sized Enterprises, SMEs (between 10 and 249 employees), Start Up Company, Association, Education and Training Centres, Federal State / Region / City / Municipality / Local Authority, Research Institution, Lobby Group / Professional Association / Trade Union, International Organization, Microenterprises (fewer than 10 employees), NGO / NPO, Public Services, Other, University, Enterprise (more than 250 employees or not defined)
Applicant details

The schemes are open to cultural and creative operators which are active in the cultural and creative sectors as defined in article 2 of the Regulation who are legally established in one of the countries participating in the Culture Sub-programme. The schemes are open to cultural operators which have had a legal personality for at least 2 years on the date of the deadline for submission of applications and which are able to demonstrate their existence as a legal person. Natural persons may not apply for a grant. 

Project Partner Yes
Project Partner Details

Networks of a min. of 15 co-organizers from a min. of 10 countries are required.

Recurring Call No
Project duration max 48 months
Type of Funding Grant
Financial details

The EU grant can amount to max. 250,000 € per year, the funding rate is max. 80%

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