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Call: EU Cyber Diplomacy Support Initiative

Type of Fund Action programme
Description of programme
"Humanitarian Aid"

The European Commission’s Directorate-General Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection (DG ECHO) does not intervene directly on the ground. The implementation of humanitarian aid actions is done by humanitarian organisations, such as humanitarian Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), with which DG ECHO enters into a partnership. 

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EU Cyber Diplomacy Support Initiative
Description of call
"EU Cyber Diplomacy Support Initiative"

The global objective of this call for proposals is to promote and protect a single, open, free and secure cyberspace which fully reflects and respects the core EU values of democracy, human rights and rule of law.
The specific objectives of this call for proposals are to contribute to:

  • Increase consensus in partner countries for open, free, and secure cyberspace, through the promotion of existing international law, norms of state behaviour and confidence building measures in cyber space and increase cyber resilience (Cyber Consultations Component);
  • Greater convergence between partner countries and regional organizations standards, policies and best practices and those of the EU (Cooperation and Capacity Building Component);
  • Raised awareness of the EU's contribution to global cyber stability and resilience in partner countries and regional and international organisations (Outreach and Public Diplomacy component).

The priorities of this call for proposals are:

  • To enhance engagement and advocacy through regular dialogues and consultation with key global partners on cyber security topics of shared or converging interest;
  • To increase consensus with partner countries on how to apply existing international law in cyberspace;
  • To enhance development of cyber norms and confidence building measures;
  • To strengthen multi-stakeholder cyber engagement; and
  • To enhance dissemination of EU best practices in strengthening cyber resilience and protecting critical cyber infrastructure.


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Thematic Focus Clustering, Development Cooperation, Economic Cooperation, Capacity Building, Cooperation Networks, Institutional Cooperation
Funding area Others
Origin of Applicant EU Member States
Eligible applicants International Organization, NGO / NPO, Research Institution
Applicant details


Project Partner Details

Lead applicants may have co-applicants

Recurring Call unknown
Project duration min 36 months
Project duration max 36 months
Type of Funding Grants
Financial details

Total call budget: 3,5 million €
Amount to be requested: min. 3 millon € and max 3,5 million €
Co-financing rate: max. 100%



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