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Call: Improvement of the quality of education

Improvement of the quality of education
Description of call
"Improvement of the quality of education"

This activity will improve the quality of work and teaching in educational institutions, including the quality assurance system, development of professional competences of teachers, both in the initial teachers’ education and continuous professional development with the special emphasis on the key competences.

Through this activity it is also planned to improve the evaluation method of students’ achievements and students’ assessment, to further develop teaching materials and improve teaching in natural sciences.

The Activity covers primary education, secondary (incl. Vocational education training (VET)) and higher education. It will be implemented by the Ministry of Education, and may include the following indicative interventions in order of priority:

  • Training of teachers in key competences and soft skills;
  • Improvement of the study programmes of the Initial Teacher Education;
  • Revision of the existing educational programmes, especially at the level of primary education, for a broader inclusion of soft skills, functional knowledge and key competences;
  • Improvement of the methodology of assessment and evaluation of students’ knowledge;
  • Improvement of science teaching including revision and improvement of teaching materials and extracurricular activities.
  • Development of the mechanisms of management, administration, information systems and statistics;
  • Training of teachers and other staff employed in education in the application of quality assurance standards;Work on the harmonisation/implementation of the European QA standards for various levels of education.
Thematic Focus Employment, Education, Capacity Building, Youth, Social affairs, Environment & biodiversity
Funding area Montenegro / Crna Gora/Црна Гора
Select Origin of Applicant Montenegro / Crna Gora/Црна Гора
Eligible applicants Education and Training Centres, National Government, University, Public Services, Other
Applicant details
  • Ministry of Education
  • Educational institutions at all levels
  • Other relevant actors
Project Partner Details


Recurring Call unknown
Type of Funding Grant
Financial details

The EU co-financing rate is 85% of the total project costs.


Aleksandar Andrija Pejović
State Secretary, National IPA Coordinator
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration
Stanka Dragojevica, 2
Tel: +382-20-225568
Fax: +382-20-225591

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