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Call: IPA Bosnia and Herzegovina - Montenegro

Description of programme
"IPA CBC Bosnia and Herzegovina – Montenegro"

The overall programme objective is:

The sustainable development in the cross-border area between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro is promoted by the implementation of common actions based on an efficient use of the comparative advantages of the programme area.

This objective has been translated into the following thematic priorities (TP):

  • TP1: Promoting employment, labour mobility and social and cultural inclusion across the border.
  • TP2: Protecting the environment, promoting climate change adaptation and mitigation, risk prevention and management.
  • TP3: Encouraging tourism and cultural and natural heritage.
  • Technical Assistance.

The programme will thus contribute to achieving the goal of the South-East European 2020 (SEE 2020) and Europe 2020 strategy for “smart”, “sustainable”, “inclusive” and "integrated" growth and to the achievement of economic, social and territorial cohesion.

The programme covers 14 municipalities in Montenegro and 56 municipalities in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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IPA Bosnia and Herzegovina - Montenegro
Origin of Applicant Bosnia and Herzegovina
Montenegro / Crna Gora/Црна Гора
Contact Details

Nada Bojanic
Head of CBC Department
Directorate for European Integration of BiH
Sector for Coordination of EU Assistance Programmes

phone: 00387 33 703 187
fax: 00387 33 703 196

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