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Call: IPA Serbia – Bosnia and Herzegovina

IPA CBC Serbia – Bosnia and Herzegovina
Acronym SRB-BIH
Type of Fund Structural Funds
Description of programme
"IPA CBC Serbia – Bosnia and Herzegovina"

The programme focuses on three thematic priorities (TP):

  • Promoting employment, labour mobility, social and cultural inclusion across the border:

The TP has been selected as response to the high unemployment and poor perspectives of youth. The TP should contribute to a better economic and social integration of vulnerable and marginalised groups. The challenges are similar at both sides of the border and the overall thematic priority provides solid opportunities for real joint cross-border initiatives (for instance joint trainings, joint
social inclusion efforts).

  • Protecting the environment, promoting climate change adaption and mitigation, risk prevention and management:

The preserved environment represents one of the key comparative advantages of the programme area. This TP is closely connected with other priorities, for instance tourism. Failure to address the challenges of this field could result in significant short term (natural disasters) and long term (degraded environment) negative consequences. The thematic priority closely connects both sides of the border especially throughout the Drina river catchment area. Strong cross-border impact can be expected in risk prevention and environment protection initiatives.

  • Encouraging tourism and cultural and natural heritage:

Tourism is considered a high priority sector, based on numerous attractions of the area. Having in mind similarities and synergies of territories from both sides of the border, the sector provides strong opportunities for cross-border cooperation. The typology of projects (joint activities, joint tourism areas) indicates solid possibilities for genuine cross-border cooperation.

IPA Serbia – Bosnia and Herzegovina
Select Origin of Applicant Bosnia and Herzegovina
Serbia / Сpбија
Contact Details

Joint Technical Secretariat

Nemanjina 52
31 000 Uzice
Phone: 00 381 (0) 31 512 394

Danijela Konjic
Task Manager- Antenna Tuzla

Phone: 00387 (0)35 257 365
Turalibegova bb, TC Pasaz
75000 Tuzla

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