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Call: Jean Monnet Chairs

Type of Fund Action programme
Description of programme

Erasmus+ will provide opportunities for over 4 million Europeans to study, train, gain work experience and volunteer abroad.

Erasmus+ will support transnational partnerships among Education, Training, and Youth institutions and organisations to foster cooperation and bridge the worlds of Education and work in order to tackle the skills gaps we are facing in Europe.

It will also support national efforts to modernise Education, Training, and Youth systems. In the field of Sport, there will be support for grassroots projects and cross-border challenges such as combating match-fixing, doping, violence and racism.

Erasmus+ brings together seven existing EU programmes in the fields of Education, Training, and Youth; it will for the first time provide support for Sport. As an integrated programme, Erasmus+ offers more opportunities for cooperation across the EducationTraining, Youth, and Sport sectors and is easier to access than its predecessors, with simplified funding rules.

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Description of programme

 Jean Monnet  supports:

  • Teaching modules, chairs and centers of excellence in higher education, in order to deepen the knowledge in the filed of European integration studies within the official curriculum of a higher education institution, and to carry out research on the EU, to monitor and supervise; This applies also to other educational sectors, e.g. the training of teachers and curricula in compulsory education;  These actions should also contribute to the development of comprehensive education offers in the field of European integration for future professionals in areas where there is increasing demand in the labor market. At the same time the actions will help to encourage young teachers and researchers to provide advice and support to deal with issues relating to European integration;
  • Political debate with representatives of the higher education sector, supported through: a) networks that aim to improve cooperation between universities in Europe and worldwide, and to promote the cooperation and creation of  a platform for knowledge exchange with stakeholders from public authorities and Commission staff on important EU issues; b) projects that aim to promote innovation, to support the mutual enrichment and dissemination of EU issues in order to promote discussions and reflections on EU topics and improve the knowledge about the EU and its activities;
  • Support for bodies and associations to organize and conduct statutory activities of associations that deal with EU-related issues and questions; and to reach a wider audience by publishing facts about the EU, thus promoting active European citizenship. Within the framework of the Jean Monnet activities, funding is also granted  for selected organisations, pursuing an aim of European interest;
  • Studies and conferences where policy makers make accessible, through critical and independent assessments of the academic world, new insights and concrete proposals  and reflect on current EU issues, particularly in the context of the annual major international conference on important policy issues with the participation of decision-makers, civil society and key representatives of the higher education sector.
Jean Monnet Chairs
Description of call
"Jean Monnet Chairs"

A Jean Monnet Chair is a teaching post with a specialisation in European Union studies for university professors for a duration of three years. A Jean Monnet Chair must be held by only one professor.

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Thematic Focus European Citizenship, Research, History, Social sciences & humanities
Funding area EU Member States
Danube Region
Eastern Partnership
Neighbouring Countries
Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia / поранешна југословенска Република Македонија
Iceland / Ísland
Norway / Norge
Switzerland / Schweiz / Suisse / Svizzera
Turkey / Türkiye
Origin of Applicant EU Member States
Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia / поранешна југословенска Република Македонија
Iceland / Ísland
Norway / Norge
Switzerland / Schweiz / Suisse / Svizzera
Turkey / Türkiye
Eligible applicants University
Applicant details

A Higher Education Institution (HEI) established in any country of the world. HEIs established in Programme Countries must hold a valid Erasmus Charter for Higher Education (ECHE). An ECHE is not required for participating HEIs in Partner Countries.  

Recurring Call Yes
Project starts 01.09.2017
Project duration max 36 months
Further info

Duration of project: Three years. Chair-holders of three-year term contracts for Jean Monnet Chairs must wait until one academic year has elapsed following the end of the previous contractual period before submitting a new application for the same Action type. This obligatory pause does not apply if the new proposal is for a different Action type e.g. a former Chair holder applying for a Module. 

Jean Monnet Chair holders must teach a minimum of 90 hours per academic year (for three consecutive years) and carry out at least one additional activity per academic year as described above. 

Type of Funding Grant
Financial details

The maximum grant that can be awarded is 50,000 € that can represent the maximum of 75% of the total cost of the Jean Monnet Chair.

A system based on a combination of scales of unit costs and flat-rate financing for the awarding of grants under the Jean Monnet Activities applies. This system is determined on the basis of a calculated national teaching cost per hour. The following method is used:

  • Teaching scale of unit cost: the calculated national teaching unit cost per hour is multiplied by the teaching number of hours of the Jean Monnet Chair. Depending on the country, unit cost per hour are between 80 € and  200 €.
  • Additional flat-rate financing: a 'top-up' percentage of 10% for a Jean Monnet Chair is added to the above mentioned unit costs basis. This top-up percentage takes account of the additional academic activities included in a Chair such as staff costs, travel and subsistence costs, dissemination costs, costs for teaching materials and indirect costs, etc..

The final grant is then obtained by applying the maximum 75% EU funding of total calculated amount and by respecting the maximum grant ceiling for a Jean Monnet Chair (50,000 €). 

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