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Call: Koala-call: test all fields

0 Test programme KOALA all fields (EN)
Acronym Akronym (EN) Programm
Type of Fund Action programme
Description of programme
"0 Test programme KOALA all fields (EN)"

Beschreibung (EN) Programm


Koala-call: test all fields
Description of call
"Koala-call: test all fields"
Beschreibung (EN)
Funding area Austria / Österreich Ostösterreich Wien Wien
Select Origin of Applicant Belgium / Belgique-België
Eligible applicants Other
Applicant details Antragsteller (EN)
Project Partner Yes
Project Partner Details Project partner details (EN)
Recurring Call Yes
Project starts 01.05.2016
Project duration min 1 months
Project duration max 12 months
Further info Zusatzinfo (EN) (= Project duration details)
Type of Funding Prize
Financial details Finanzdetails (EN)
Submission Einreichstelle (EN)
Contact Details

Kontaktstelle (EN) Programm


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