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Call: Routes4U Grant | Call for EUSBSR

Acronym Cultural Routes
Type of Fund Others
Description of programme
"Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe"
Within this Programme, over 30 Cultural Routes have been establish that invite to travel and to discover the rich and diverse heritage of Europe by bringing people and places together. The Cultural Routes integrate the values of the Council of Europe:
  • Human rights
  • Cultural diversity
  • Intercultural dialogue
  • Mutual exchanges across borders
Networks working on European heritage themes that include at least 3 countries of Europe can apply to obtain the certification "Cultural Route of the Council of Europe", which is a guarantee of excellence. In order to be eligible for certification, they need to implement activities pertaining to five priority fields of action:
  1. Co-operation in research and development
  2. Enhancement of memory, history and European heritage
  3. Cultural and educational exchanges for young Europeans
  4. Contemporary cultural and artistic practice
  5. Cultural tourism and sustainable cultural development
The details regarding the application process can be found on the Programme website.
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Description of programme
"Routes4U Joint Programme – European Union/Council of Europe"
The Routes4U Project is a joint programme between the Council of Europe (Directorate General of Democracy – EPA on Cultural Routes) and the European Union (European Commission – DG REGIO). Through the implementation of activities such as a mapping exercise, mini-grants, guidelines and tools for the management and implementation of Cultural Routes at the regional and local level, the Routes4U Project contributes to regional development through the Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe and to the strengthening of the identity of the Adriatic-Ionian, the Alpine, the Baltic Sea and the Danube macro regional strategies. Furthermore, according to the priorities of each macro-region, projects eligible to the certification “Cultural Route of the Council of Europe” will be identified in view of further development.
The Routes4U Project is the first of its kind, allowing synergies between two transnational programmes of two international organisations, namely the Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe programme and the EU macro-regional strategies.
Routes4U Grant | Call for EUSBSR
Description of call
"Routes4U Grant | Call for EUSBSR"
This call supports projects that produce added value to the Council of Europe and the European Commission’s efforts in the domain of Cultural Routes and macro-regional strategies. Proposals should contribute to the policy areas related to tourism and culture, which are embedded in the strategic objective "Increase prosperity" of EUSBSR.
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Thematic Focus Tourism, Sustainability, Regional development, Art and Culture
Funding area Denmark / Danmark
Estonia / Eesti
Finland / Suomi
Germany / Deutschland
Latvia / Latvija
Lithuania / Lietuva
Poland / Polska
Sweden / Sverige
Origin of Applicant Denmark / Danmark
Estonia / Eesti
Finland / Suomi
Germany / Deutschland
Latvia / Latvija
Lithuania / Lietuva
Poland / Polska
Sweden / Sverige
Applicant details In order to be eligible for a grant, an applicant must be the legally constituted body in charge of the certified “Cultural Route of the Council of Europe” network. The following eligibility rules apply:
  • the Cultural Route might extend beyond the EU macro-regional strategy (the one chosen) geographical scope;
  • the Cultural Route headquarter/management board might be located in a country outside the chosen macro-region.
  • the activities that the Cultural Route aims at implementing through the mini-grant must take place in the chosen macro-region, with due regard being paid to the relevance of the Cultural Route’s heritage for that macro-region (the criteria defined under the call for proposal section VI. Evaluation and selection procedure, 2. Eligibility criteria list these requirements in detail).
Call opens 27.11.2018
Call closes 04.02.2019
Type of Funding Grant
Financial details 10 000 € per grant
Co-funding is required but there is not a minimum or maximum value
Submission Via e-mail to:
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