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Call: Smart Cities and Communities lighthouse projects

Description of programme
"Cross-cutting Activities"

This work programme part contains the following cross-cutting calls:

  • Industry 2020 in the Circular Economy,
  • Internet of Things, and
  • Smart and Sustainable Cities.
Smart Cities and Communities lighthouse projects
Description of call
"Smart Cities and Communities lighthouse projects"

To demonstrate solutions at district scale integrating smart buildings, smart grids (electricity, district heating, telecom, water, etc.), energy storage, electric vehicles and smart charging infrastructures, using the latest generation ICT platforms (and infrastructure) based on open specifications. This should in turn help to manage a successful transformation towards intelligent, user-driven and demand-oriented city infrastructures and services.

This should be accompanied by energy efficiency measures and the use of very high shares of renewables at the level of districts.

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Thematic Focus Building, Energy, Infrastructure, Innovation, Urban development, Telecommunication, Traffic, Natural ressources
Funding area EU Member States
Candidate Countries
Iceland / Ísland
Norway / Norge
Switzerland / Schweiz / Suisse / Svizzera
Origin of Applicant EU Member States

Albania / Shqipëria
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Iceland / Ísland
Montenegro / Crna Gora/Црна Гора
North Macedonia / Северна Македонија
Norway / Norge
Serbia / Сpбија
Switzerland / Schweiz / Suisse / Svizzera
Turkey / Türkiye
Ukraine / Україна Oukraïna
Eligible applicants Federal State / Region / City / Municipality / Local Authority, Public Services, Other
Project Partner Yes
Project Partner Details

Each project must:

  • Be realised in 3 new lighthouse cities that are situated in different EU Member states or associated countries.
  • Involve at least 3 follower cities from at least 3 different EU Member states or associated countries (that are different also from the countries of the lighthouse cities of the project).


Each lighthouse city must:

  • Have Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP), positively evaluated by the Covenant of Mayors (please attach proof in Annex).
Recurring Call No
Financial details

The Commission considers that proposals requesting a contribution from the EU of between EUR 12 to 18 million would allow this specific challenge to be addressed appropriately. Nonetheless, this does not preclude submission and selection of proposals requesting other amounts.

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Published on 20.02.2019

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