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Call: Standards+ Projects

Acronym IT-HR
Type of Fund Structural Fund
Description of programme
"Interreg Italy – Croatia"

The programme will support cooperation across the Adriatic Sea with the objective to increase the prosperity and the blue growth potential of the area. Through cross-border partnerships, the programme will enhance the local conditions for innovation in the blue economy sectors within the cooperation area. The programme will also improve the climate change monitoring and support the implementation of adaptation measures. This will increase the safety of the area from natural and man-made disasters by additionally implementing innovative and common spatial information systems. These systems will follow the interaction of all ecosystem components, including human activities that affect the environment. To secure environmental sustainability, the programme will also improve marine and coastal transport services and nodes by investing in port infrastructure and maritime transport thus promoting multimodality. Finally, the programme intends to use the natural and cultural heritage as an engine for sustainable and more balanced territorial development by incorporating rural areas and ensuring a better spatial distribution of visitors' flow.

This programme enables regional and local stakeholders from two countries to exchange knowledge and experiences, to develop and implement pilot actions, to test the feasibility of new policies, products and services and to support investments.

The programme will focus on the following five priorities:

  1. Blue innovation
  2. Safety and resilience
  3. Environmental and cultural heritage
  4. Maritime transport
  5. Technical Assistance
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Standards+ Projects
Description of call
"Standards+ Projects"
This call for proposals is open to all priority axes of the programme Interreg Italy - Croatia.

The call for Standard+ projects is aimed to exploit the existing potentials of the cooperation networks and partnerships in the Cross-Border area, capitalizing the achievements of the previous programming period by mean of pilot and testing solutions. The core partnership of the Standard+ projects is expected to be composed by skilled Italian and Croatian partners that have already worked together in a specific ETC or IPA project and that have demonstrated sound experience and efficiency in terms of financial management and delivery of the foreseen outputs.
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Thematic Focus Environment & biodiversity, Art and Culture, History, Competitiveness, Innovation, Security, Transport, Traffic, Sustainability, Climate, Disaster Prevention, Tourism
Funding area Croatia / Hrvatska Hrvatska Jadranska Hrvatska
Croatia / Hrvatska Hrvatska Kontinentalna Hrvatska Karlovačka županija
Italy / Italia Sud Abruzzo Teramo
Italy / Italia Sud Abruzzo Pescara
Italy / Italia Sud Abruzzo Chieti
Italy / Italia Sud Molise Campobasso
Italy / Italia Sud Puglia Brindisi
Italy / Italia Sud Puglia Lecce
Italy / Italia Sud Puglia Foggia
Italy / Italia Sud Puglia Bari
Italy / Italia Sud Puglia Barletta-Andria-Trani
Italy / Italia Nord-Est Veneto Venezia
Italy / Italia Nord-Est Veneto Padova
Italy / Italia Nord-Est Veneto Rovigo
Italy / Italia Nord-Est Friuli-Venezia Giulia
Italy / Italia Nord-Est Emilia-Romagna Ferrara
Italy / Italia Nord-Est Emilia-Romagna Ravenna
Italy / Italia Nord-Est Emilia-Romagna Forlì-Cesena
Italy / Italia Nord-Est Emilia-Romagna Rimini
Italy / Italia Centro (IT) Marche
Eligible applicants Federal State / Region / City / Municipality / Local Authority, Public Services, Education and Training Centres, Research Institution, Small and Medium Sized Enterprises, SMEs (between 10 and 249 employees), Microenterprises (fewer than 10 employees), NGO / NPO, University, Enterprise (more than 250 employees or not defined), Association, Start Up Company
Applicant details
  • Lead partner requirements: Public bodies or a Body governed by public law
  • Partners’ requirements: Public and Private subjects having legal entity. In case of enterprises, the SMEs are eligible as partners only for the following Axis: 1, 3 and 4, while the large enterprises are eligible as partners only for Axis 4.
Project Partner Yes
Project Partner Details Partnership basic requirements: Minimum 3 partners (and at least 1 Italian and 1 Croatian partner from each member State of the original project). No restrictions in the max number of partners.
Recurring Call No
Project duration max 18 months
Type of Funding Grant
Financial details The project total eligible budget has to be in a range from 500 000 € to 1 000 000 €.
The minimum ERDF contribution per Project Partner is 50 000 €.
Contact Details

Managing authority:

REGIONE VENETO - Sezione AdG Italia-Croazia
Dorsoduro 3494/A, 30123 Venezia

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