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Call: Supporting Initiatives in the Field of Drugs Policy

Type of Fund Action programme
Description of programme

The general objective of the Programme shall be to contribute to the further development of a European area of justice based on mutual recognition and mutual trust, in particular by promoting judicial cooperation in civil and criminal matters.

Specific objectives:

  • to facilitate and support judicial cooperation in civil and criminal matters;
  • to support and promote judicial training, including language training on legal terminology, with a view to fostering a common legal and judicial culture;
  • to facilitate effective access to justice for all, including to promote and support the rights of victims of crime, while respecting the rights of the defence;
  • to support initiatives in the field of drugs policy as regards judicial cooperation and crime prevention aspects closely linked to the general objective of the Programme, in so far as they are not covered by the Internal security fund for financial support for police cooperation, preventing and combating crime, and crisis management or by the Health for Growth Programme;

The specific objectives of the Programme shall be pursued through, in particular:

  • enhancing public awareness and knowledge of Union law and policies;
  • with a view to ensuring efficient judicial cooperation in civil and criminal matters, improving knowledge of Union law, including substantive and procedural law, of judicial cooperation instruments and of the relevant case-law of the Court of Justice of the European Union, and of comparative law;
  • supporting the effective, comprehensive and consistent implementation and application of Union instruments in the Member States and the monitoring and evaluation thereof;
  • promoting cross-border cooperation, improving mutual knowledge and understanding of the civil and criminal law and the legal and judicial systems of the Member States and enhancing mutual trust
  • improving knowledge and understanding of potential obstacles to the smooth functioning of a European area of justice;
  • improving the efficiency of judicial systems and their cooperation by means of information and communication technology, including the cross-border interoperability of systems and applications.
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Supporting Initiatives in the Field of Drugs Policy
Description of call
"Supporting Initiatives in the Field of Drugs Policy"
This call funds projects in the area of EU drugs policy. Proposals should address at least one of the following priorities:
  • To support activities in the area of identification and epidemiology of use of new psychoactive substances
  • To support the civil society organisations by reinforcing their (i) advocacy function, (ii) capacity to make a difference at the local level and (iii) best practice sharing methods
  • To support key stakeholders by expanding their knowledge and skills, in particular in the context of minimum quality standards
  • To promote practical application of drug-related research, and, in particular, addiction research with a view of addressing current challenges and new threats
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Thematic Focus Research, Health, Justice
Funding area EU Member States
Albania / Shqipëria
Origin of Applicant EU Member States
Albania / Shqipëria
Eligible applicants International Organization, NGO / NPO, Public Services
Applicant details Applicants from Denmark and the United Kingdom are not eligible for this call
Project Partner Yes
Project Partner Details Applications must be transnational involving at least 2 entities established in two different EU Member States participating in the Justice Programme.
Call opens 04.09.2018
Call closes 05.12.2018
Recurring Call Yes
Project duration max 36 months
Type of Funding Grant
Financial details Call budget: 2.2 million €
Co-financing rate: max. 80%
Submission Online via Participant Portal
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