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Programm: AMIF - Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund

AMIF - Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund
Acronym AMIF
Type of Fund Action programme
Description of programme
"AMIF - Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund"

The Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF) was set up for the period 2014-20, with a total of EUR 3.137 billion for the seven years. It will promote the efficient management of migration flows and the implementation, strengthening and development of a common Union approach to asylum and immigration.

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Thematic Focus Development Cooperation, Security, Migration
Danube Region, Adriatic and Ionian Region, Alpine Region, Baltic Sea Region
Origin of Applicant of programme
AMIF - Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund
Belgium / Belgique-België
Bulgaria / България
Germany / Deutschland
Estonia / Eesti
Finland / Suomi
Greece / Ελλάδα (Ellada)
Ireland / Ireland
Italy / Italia
Croatia / Hrvatska
Latvia / Latvija
Lithuania / Lietuva
Luxembourg / Luxembourg
Netherlands / Nederland
Austria / Österreich
Poland / Polska
Portugal / Portugal
Romania / România
Sweden / Sverige
Czech Republic / Česká Republika
Slovakia / Slovensko
Slovenia / Slovenija
Spain / España
Hungary / Magyarország
United Kingdom
Cyprus / Κύπρος
Applicant details

Applicants may be national, regional or local authorities in the EU Member States except in Denmark, relevant international organizations, NGOs and social partners.

Subprogrammes of AMIF - Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund

Union actions

Description and objective of the assistance to be provided:

  • Enhance solidarity by ensuring consistency and complementarity with EU humanitarian assistance, by providing additional support to address emergency situations of heavy migratory pressure in Member States or third countries, or in the event of mass influx of displaced persons
  • Support ad hoc humanitarian admission programmes aimed at allowing temporary stay on the territory of a Member State in the event of an urgent humanitarian crisis in third countries.

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