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Programm: Central Baltic sub-programme

Central Baltic sub-programme
Type of Fund Structural Fund
Description of programme
"Central Baltic sub-programme"
The Central Baltic sub-programme covers all projects in the programme area if there are at least two partners from different Programme Member States, except for bilateral cooperations between partners from Finland and Estonia, since these projects are funded in the Southern-Finland - Estonia sub-programme.
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Thematic Focus Education, Development Cooperation, Trade, Youth, Mobility, Sustainability, Regional development, Natural ressources, Urban development, Tourism, Transport, Environment & biodiversity, Competitiveness
Baltic Sea Region
Origin of Applicant of programme
Central Baltic sub-programme
Estonia / Eesti
Finland / Suomi Manner- Suomi Etelä-Suomi
Finland / Suomi Manner- Suomi Länsi-Suomi Pirkanmaa
Finland / Suomi Manner- Suomi Länsi-Suomi Satakunta
Finland / Suomi Åland
Finland / Suomi Manner- Suomi Helsinki-Uusimaa
Latvia / Latvija Latvija Latvija Kurzeme
Latvia / Latvija Latvija Latvija Pierīga
Latvia / Latvija Latvija Latvija Rīga
Latvia / Latvija Latvija Latvija Vidzeme
Latvia / Latvija Latvija Latvija Zemgale
Sweden / Sverige Östra Sverige Stockholm
Sweden / Sverige Östra Sverige Östra Mellansverige
Sweden / Sverige Sörda Sverige Småland med öarna Gotlands län
Sweden / Sverige Norra Sverige Norra Mellansverige Gävleborgs län
Project Partner Yes
Project Partner Details Projects require at least 2 partners from different Member States of the programme. Bilateral cooperations between Finland and Estonia are, however, not included in this sub-programme but are funded from the Southern Finland - Estonia sub-programme
Financial details The budget of the programme is allocated according to Priority Axes. There is no fixed budget for the sub-programmes.
  • max. 85% for partners from Estonia and Latvia
  • max 75% for partners from Finland and Sweden


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