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Programm: EaSI - Programme for Employment and Social Innovation

EaSI - Programme for Employment and Social Innovation
Acronym EaSI
Type of Fund Action programme
Description of programme
"EaSI - Programme for Employment and Social Innovation"

The Employment and Social Innovation (EaSI) programme is a financing instrument at EU level to promote a high level of quality and sustainable employment, guaranteeing adequate and decent social protection, combating social exclusion and poverty and improving working conditions.


  • Strengthen ownership of EU objectives and coordination of action at EU and national level in the areas of employment, social affairs and inclusion
  • Support the development of adequate social protection systems and labour market policies
  • Modernise EU legislation and ensure its effective application
  • Promote geographical mobility and boost employment opportunities by developing an open labour market
  • Increase the availability and accessibility of microfinance for vulnerable groups and micro-enterprises, and increase access to finance for social enterprises

In pursuing these objectives, EaSI will:

  • pay particular attention to vulnerable groups, such as young people
  • promote equality between women and men
  • combat discriminations
  • promote a high level of quality and sustainable employment
  • guarantee adequate and decent social protection
  • combat long-term unemployment
  • fight against poverty and social exclusion
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Thematic Focus Employment, Equal Rights, Innovation, Social affairs
Danube Region, Adriatic and Ionian Region, Alpine Region, Baltic Sea Region
Origin of Applicant of programme
EaSI - Programme for Employment and Social Innovation
EU Member States
Iceland / Ísland
Norway / Norge
Albania / Shqipëria
Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia / поранешна југословенска Република Македонија
Montenegro / Crna Gora/Црна Гора
Serbia / Сpбија
Turkey / Türkiye
Project Partner Yes
Applicant details

Applications may be submitted by administrative bodies and social partners, financial institutions and media companies.
The Progress axis shall be open to all public and/or private bodies, actors and institutions, and in particular: (a) national, regional and local authorities; (b) employment services; (c) specialist bodies provided for under Union law; (d) the social partners; (e) non-governmental organisations; (f) higher education institutions and research institutes; (g) experts in evaluation and in impact assessment; (h) national statistical offices; (i) the media

Financial details

Where activities under the Progress axis are financed following a call for proposals, they may receive Union co-financing which shall not exceed, as a general rule, 80 % of the total eligible expenditure. Any financial support in excess of this ceiling shall only be granted in duly justified exceptional circumstances.

Where activities under the EURES axis are financed following a call for proposals, they may receive Union co-financing which shall not exceed, as a general rule, 95 % of the total eligible expenditure. 

Contact Details

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Subprogrammes of EaSI - Programme for Employment and Social Innovation

Microfinance and Social Entrepreneurship

The Microfinance and Social Entrepreneurship (MF/SE) axis supports actions in two thematic sections:

  • microcredit and microloans for vulnerable groups and micro-enterprises;
  • social entrepreneurship.


  • Increase access to, and the availability of, microfinance for vulnerable groups who want to set up or develop their business and micro-enterprises.
  • Build up the institutional capacity of microcredit providers.
  • Support the development of social enterprises, in particular by facilitating access to finance.


The PROGRESS axis of EaSI helps the EU and its countries to improve policies in three thematic sections:

  • employment, in particular to fight youth unemployment
  • social protection, social inclusion and the reduction and prevention of poverty
  • working conditions


  • Develop and disseminate high-quality comparative analytical knowledge
  • Facilitate effective and inclusive information-sharing, mutual learning and dialogue
  • Provide financial support to test social and labour market policy innovations
  • Provide organisations with financial support to increase their capacity to develop, promote and support the implementation of EU instruments and policies


The aim of this axis is to strengthen EURES, a European job mobility network that provides information, guidance and recruitment/placement services to employers, jobseekers and any citizen wishing to take advantage of freedom of movement for workers.

  • Ensure that job vacancies and applications and corresponding information and advice, as well as any related information, are made transparent for the potential applicants and the employers.
  • Support the provision of EURES services for the recruitment and placing of workers in quality and sustainable employment through the clearance of job vacancies and applications. This support will cover all phases of placement, from pre-recruitment preparation to post-placement assistance.


Published on 14.11.2018

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