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Programm: Effective Public Administration Slovakia

Effective Public Administration Slovakia
Type of Fund Structural Fund
Description of programme
"Effective Public Administration Slovakia"

This programme outlines the priorities and objectives to spend 335 mill. € (278 mill. € from the EU budget) on reducing regulatory and administrative burdens and promoting high standards of transparency, integrity and accountability in the Slovak public administration.

The planned actions will target central government bodies, territorial self-governing bodies and municipalities, courts and judiciary institutions, social partners, and relevant civil sector organisations. The programme will contribute to the implementation of central and regional public administrative reform in Slovakia, including modernising human resource management and improving regulatory impact assessment. At the same time, it will support important cross-cutting themes, such us the fight against corruption or improvements in public procurement processes in Slovakia.

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Thematic Focus Justice, Capacity Building, Administration
Origin of Applicant of programme
Effective Public Administration Slovakia
Slovakia / Slovensko
Contact Details

Managing Authority:

Ministry of the Interior of the Slovak Republic
Pribinova 2
812 72 Bratislava
+ 421 2 5094 1111

European Programmes Section of the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic
Panenska 21, 
812 82 Bratislava,
+421 2 509 45 031

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