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Programm: ENI CBC Latvia – Russia

ENI CBC Latvia – Russia
Acronym LAT-RUS
Type of Fund Structural Fund
Description of programme
"ENI CBC Latvia – Russia"
The ENI CBC Latvia-Russia aims to support joint-efforts tackling cross-border development challenges and to promote sustainable use of existing potential of the border area between Latvia and Russia.
The programme has decided to focus on the following 3 Thematic Objectives (TO) and 6 corresponding Programme Priorities:
TO1 - Business and SME development
  • Priority 1.1. Promotion of and support to entrepreneurship
  • Priority 1.2. Development and promotion of new products and services based on local resources
TO6 - Environmental protection, climate change mitigation and adaptation
  • Priority 2.1. Efficient management of nature objects
  • Priority 2.2. Joint actions in environmental management
  • Priority 2.3. Support to sustainable waste and waste water management systems
TO10: Promotion of border management and border security, mobility and migration management
  • Priority 3.1. Improvement of border crossing efficiency and security
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Thematic Focus SME, Natural ressources, Environment & biodiversity, Climate, Development Cooperation, Migration, Security, Regional development, Sustainability
Baltic Sea Region
Origin of Applicant of programme
ENI CBC Latvia – Russia
Latvia / Latvija Latvija Latvija Vidzeme
Latvia / Latvija Latvija Latvija Latgale
Latvia / Latvija Latvija Latvija Pierīga
Latvia / Latvija Latvija Latvija Zemgale
Latvia / Latvija Latvija Latvija Rīga
Russia / Россия Pskov Oblast / Псковская область
Russia / Россия Leningrad Oblast / Ленинградская область
Russia / Россия St. Petersburg / Санкт-Петербург
Project Partner Yes
Project Partner Details Each project needs at least 1 partner from Latvia and 1 partner from Russia.
Applicant details Prior to the submission of the proposal, each project shall designate one lead beneficiary responsible for management and coordination of the entire project and directly accountable to the MA for the operational and financial progress of all project activities.
Financial details Total budget: 27 million €
TO1: 7.2 million €
TO6: 8.1 million €
TO10: 5.1 million €
Co-financing rate: max. 90%
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