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Programm: Interreg Austria – Czech Republic

Interreg Austria – Czech Republic
Acronym AT-CZ
Type of Fund Structural Fund
Description of programme
"Interreg Austria – Czech Republic"

Strategically, the programme Interreg Austria - Czech Republic aims at strengthening joint research and development capacities in combination with human resource development. It will also promote the sustainable development and protection of natural resources in the natural area along the former "iron curtain". These main thematic priorities will be complemented by efforts to foster closer co-operation in legal and administrative questions to create a better integrated border region.

To achieve these strategic objectives, the programme aims at increasing number of cross-border innovation infrastructure, to extend the common supply of education and qualification acitivities, to promote environmental protection in shared natural areas, to intensify the cross-border interactions in the tourism sector, and to further improve cross-border governance structures.

Priority axes:

  • PA1 - Strengthen research, technological development and innovation
  • PA2 - Environment and ressources
  • PA3 - Developing human ressources
  • PA4 - Sustainable networks and institutional cooperation
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Thematic Focus Education, Research, Infrastructure, Innovation, Capacity Building, Disaster Prevention, Technologies, Transport, Environment & biodiversity, Traffic, Natural ressources, Art and Culture, Regional development, Tourism, Energy
Danube Region, Alpine Region
Origin of Applicant of programme
Interreg Austria – Czech Republic
Czech Republic / Česká Republika
Austria / Österreich
Project Partner Yes
Project Partner Details

Project partner organizations can be located outside the funding area of the programme, as long as the main impact of the project activities is achieved within the funding area. All project partners must however be located in Austria or the Czech Republic.

Applicant details

Projects must follow the Lead Partner principle.

The programme is intended to support predominantly public bodies and charitable/non-profit organizations. A list of eligible applicants is provided per Priority Axis in the applicant manual.

Financial details

Total OP budget: 115,134,884 €

Total EU contribution: 97,814,933 €

Funding quota: Max. 85% of the eligible costs


Indicative project volume per project (on basis of the funding period 2007-2014): 100 000 € - 1,5 million €.

Contact Details

List of Contact Points, here

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