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Programme: Interreg Europe

Interreg Europe
Type of Fund Structural Fund
Description of programme
"Interreg Europe"

The Programme aims at improving cohesion policy through exchange of experience, transfer of good practices and joint initiatives among 28 Member States of the EU as well as Norway and Switzerland. Specifically, the Programme focuses on the following Priority Axes (PA):

  • PA1 - Reseach, Technological Development and Innovation
  • PA2 - Competitiveness of SMEs
  • PA3 - Low Carbon Economy
  • PA4 - Environment and Resource Efficiency
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Thematic Focus Building, Research, Innovation, Climate, SME, Sustainability, Technologies, Environment & biodiversity, Natural ressources, Competitiveness, Regional development, Art and Culture, Tourism
EU Macro-Regions
Adriatic and Ionian Region, Alpine Region, Baltic Sea Region, Danube Region
Funding area EU Member States
Norway / Norge
Switzerland / Schweiz / Suisse / Svizzera
Origin of Applicant EU Member States
Norway / Norge
Switzerland / Schweiz / Suisse / Svizzera
Project Partner Yes
Project Partner Details

Projects have to involve partners from at least three countries, of which at least two partners must be from EU Member States and financed by the Interreg Europe programme.

Eligible applicants Federal State / Region / City / Municipality / Local Authority, NGO / NPO, University, Public Services, Lobby Group / Professional Association / Trade Union, National Government, International Organization, Education and Training Centres, Research Institution, Association
Applicant details
  • National, regional or local public authorities  
  • Other institutions governed by public law (e.g. universities, regional development agencies, business support actors, etc.) 
  • Private non-profit bodies.

Each country defines which institutions are eligible according to national regulations. 

Type of Funding Grant
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