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Programm: Interreg Greece – Italy

Interreg Greece – Italy
Type of Fund Structural Fund
Description of programme
"Interreg Greece – Italy"
Interreg Greece Italy has the aim to support public institutions and local stakeholders to develop cross-border projects and pilot actions and to create new policy, products and services, with the final goal to improve the citizens' quality of life. In order to achieve this goal, the Programme focuses on 3 Priority Axes (PA) with different Specific Objectives (SO).
  • PA 1 - Innovation and competitiveness
    • SO 1.1 Delivering innovation support services and developing clusters across borders to foster competitiveness
    • SO 1.2 Supporting the incubation of innovative specialized micro and small enterprises in thematic sectors of interest to the Programme Area
  • PA 2 - Integrated Environmental Management
    • SO 2.1 Valorisation of cultural heritage and natural resources as a territorial asset of the Programme Area
    • SO 2.2 Improvement of joint management and governance plans for biodiversity of coastal and rural ecosystems, paying attention on natural resources and protected areas and development of environmental protection measures
    • SO 2.3 Developing and testing of innovative technologies/ tools to reduce marine and air pollution
  • PA 3 - Multimodal Sustainable Transport System
    • SO 3.1 Boosting maritime transport, shortsea shipping capacity and crossborder ferry connectivity
    • SO 3.2 Improving cross-border coordination among transport stakeholders on introducing multimodal environmentally friendly solutions
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Thematic Focus Innovation, Competitiveness, SME, Environment & biodiversity, Art and Culture, Natural ressources, Technologies, Transport, Sustainability, Regional development, Development Cooperation
Adriatic and Ionian Region
Origin of Applicant of programme
Interreg Greece – Italy
Italy / Italia Sud Puglia
Greece / Ελλάδα (Ellada) ΚΕΝΤΡΙΚΗ ΕΛΛΑΔΑ (Kentriki Ellada) Δυτική Ελλάδα (Dytiki Ellada)
Greece / Ελλάδα (Ellada) ΚΕΝΤΡΙΚΗ ΕΛΛΑΔΑ (Kentriki Ellada) Ιόνια Νησιά (Ionia Nisia)
Greece / Ελλάδα (Ellada) ΒΟΡΕΙΑ ΕΛΛΑΔΑ (Voreia Ellada) Ήπειρος (Ipeiros)
Project Partner Yes
Project Partner Details Every project should include at least 1 partner from Italy and 1 partner from Greece
Applicant details Every project needs one organisation that acts as lead partner
Financial details Total budget: 123.2 million €
The budget is allocated as follows:
PA 1: 34.5 million €
PA 2: 48 million €
PA 3: 33.3 million €
Co-financing rate: max. 85%
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