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Programm: Interreg Slovakia – Hungary

Interreg Slovakia – Hungary
Acronym SK-HU
Type of Fund Structural Fund
Description of programme
"Interreg Slovakia – Hungary"

The programme aims at the joint protection, development and touristic utilization of the border regions' common natural and cultural heritage. This includes joint water management, disaster avoidance, the creation of the right conditions for the renewal of cultural and architectural heritage and the development of cross-border sustainable tourism. In order to achieve these objectives, the Programme focuses on the following Priority Axes (PA):

  • PA1 - Nature and culture
  • PA2 - Enhancing cross-border mobility
  • PA3 - Promoting sustainable and quality employment, and supporting labour mobility
  • PA4 - Enhancing cross-border cooperation of public authorities and people living in the border area
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Thematic Focus Employment, Education, Infrastructure, Innovation, Capacity Building, SME, Art and Culture, Rural Development, Mobility, Technologies, Tourism, Transport, Environment & biodiversity, Traffic, Administration, Regional development, Natural ressources
Danube Region
Origin of Applicant of programme
Interreg Slovakia – Hungary
Slovakia / Slovensko Slovensko Bratislavský kraj Bratislavský kraj
Slovakia / Slovensko Slovensko Stredné Slovensko Banskobystrický kraj
Slovakia / Slovensko Slovensko Východné Slovensko Košický kraj
Slovakia / Slovensko Slovensko Západné Slovensko Nitriansky kraj
Slovakia / Slovensko Slovensko Západné Slovensko Trnavský kraj
Hungary / Magyarország Közép-Magyarország Közép-Magyarország
Hungary / Magyarország Dunántúl Közép-Dunántúl Komárom-Esztergom
Hungary / Magyarország Dunántúl Nyugat-Dunántúl Győr-Moson-Sopron
Hungary / Magyarország Alföld És Észak Észak-Alföld Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg
Hungary / Magyarország Alföld És Észak Észak-Magyarország
Project Partner Yes
Applicant details

Also Churches and EGTC's 

Financial details Total budget: 183.3 million €
Total EU (ERDF) contribution: 155.8 million €
The ERDF budget is allocated as follows:
  • PA1 - Nature and culture  55.4 million € 
  • PA2 - Enhancing crossborder mobility 34.6 million €
  • PA3 - Promoting sustainable and quality employment 34.6 million €
  • PA4 - Enhancing crossborder cooperation of public authorities and people 21.8 million €
Contact Details

Managing Authority

Iveta Námerová
Programme manager
+421 2 58317 383

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