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Programm: Interreg Slovakia – Austria

Interreg Slovakia – Austria
Acronym SK-AT
Type of Fund Structural Fund
Description of programme
"Interreg Slovakia – Austria"

The Cooperation programme 'Interreg V-A Slovakia - Austria' focusses on smart and sustainable growth in the Austrian-Slovak border region. First, the programme aims at contributing to smart specialisation and cross-border research, driven by initiatives in the twin-capital region of Vienna and Bratislava. Secondly, it will promote the sustainable management and protection of natural resources in the natural area along the former "iron curtain" and initiate new, sustainable transport solutions. These main objectives will be complemented by efforts to strengthen governance and institutionalcooperation which shall lead to a better integrated border region.

Priorities/specific objectives of the programme Slovakia-Austria 2014-2020:

1. Contributing to a smart cross-border-region

  • Strengthen the collaboration of key actors in the regional innovation system in order to enhance knowledge transfer, capacity building and the establishment of common frameworks, common research and innovation activities and joint research facilities.
  • Improve higher education and lifelong learning to provide competent and skilled work force. Improve the capacity of the cross-border educational system to provide human resources knowledge and skills demanded by the regional innovation system.

2. Fostering natural and cultural heritage and biodiversity

  • Foster natural and cultural heritage valorisation. Strengthen common approaches to valorise the natural and cultural heritage in a sustainable way in order to further develop the programme area as an attractive tourism destination.
  • Foster restoration and management of ecological corridors. Strengthen the cross-border integration of functional ecological networks and green infrastructures in order to preserve biodiversity and to contribute to the stability of ecosystems.

3. Supporting sustainable transport solutions

  • Support environmentally-friendly transport solutions. Improve joint planning, coordination and practical solutions for an environmentally-friendly, low-carbon and safer transport network and services in the programme area.

4. Strengthening cross-border governance and institutional cooperation

  • Strengthen the institutional cooperation in the cross-border area through mobilizing stakeholders and building the capacities for planning and acting in the framework of multi-level governance.
  • Strengthen the cooperation between educational institutions. Strengthen the links between institutions providing pre-primary and primary education (kindergartens and primary schools) to jointly develop and implement educational programmes.
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Thematic Focus Building, Education, Research, Infrastructure, Innovation, Capacity Building, Youth, Art and Culture, Sustainability, Technologies, Tourism, Transport, Environment & biodiversity, Traffic, Administration, Regional development, Natural ressources
Danube Region, Alpine Region
Origin of Applicant of programme
Interreg Slovakia – Austria
Austria / Österreich Ostösterreich Burgenland Nordburgenland
Austria / Österreich Ostösterreich Burgenland Mittelburgenland
Austria / Österreich Ostösterreich Niederösterreich
Austria / Österreich Ostösterreich Wien
Slovakia / Slovensko Slovensko Bratislavský kraj
Slovakia / Slovensko Slovensko Západné Slovensko Trnavský kraj
Project Partner Yes
Project Partner Details

at least 1 partner from Austria and 1 partner from Slovakia.

Financial details

The ERDF allocation amounts to 76 million €

The maximum ERDF rate is 85% .

Priority axis 1 ERDF: 19,683,142 €

Priority axis 2 ERDF: 27,820,000 €

Priority axis 3 ERDF: 9,655,000 €

Priority axis 4 ERDF: 14,180,979 €

Technical assistance: 4,553,560 €

Contact Details

Joint Secretariat in Bratislava
Ministry of Agriculture and Regional Development of the Slovak Republic
Department for the Management of Cross-Border Cooperation Programmes
Prievozská 2/B
825 25 Bratislava

Please send direct inquiries concerning the new funding period of cross-border cooperation Slovakia-Austria 2014-2020 at the following email address:

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