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Programm: IPA CBC Bulgaria – Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

IPA CBC Bulgaria – Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
Type of Fund Structural Fund
Description of programme
"IPA CBC Bulgaria – Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia"

The overall objective of the IPA CBC Programme Bulgaria – the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia has been defined as
“to intensify cross-border cooperation between the people and institutions of the region in order to jointly address common challenges and exploit untapped potentials”.

The Programme covers three thematic priorities:

  • Protecting the environment, promoting climate change adaptation and mitigation, risk prevention and management,
  • Encouraging tourism and cultural and natural heritage,
  • Enhancing competitiveness, business environment and the development of small and medium-sized enterprises, trade and investment.

A cross cutting issue of the programme is the support for youth, women and vulnerable groups. This approach should help improving the framework and the labour and social conditions for young people, women and vulnerable / marginalized groups in the region.

The territory on side of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia comprises of the North-East, the East and the South-East NUTS III statistical regions.

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Thematic Focus Employment, Equal Rights, Trade, Youth, SME, Art and Culture, People with Disabilities, Sustainability, Social affairs, Tourism, Environment & biodiversity, Natural ressources, Competitiveness
Danube Region
Origin of Applicant of programme
IPA CBC Bulgaria – Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
Bulgaria / България Югозападна и Южна Централна България (Yugozapanda I Yuzhnan Tsentralna Bulgaria) Югозападен (Yugozapaden)
Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia / поранешна југословенска Република Македонија
Project Partner Yes
Project Partner Details

Every project must include at least one partner from each side of the border region. The maximum number of partners in a project will be five, including the Lead Partner!

The project partners from the two participating countries have to cooperate obligatory in joint development and joint implementation. In addition, the project has to comply with at least one of the following partnership principles as well: joint staffing or joint financing.

Joint staffing means that the project should not duplicate functions. Therefore, regardless of where the body is located, there should be a joint project management. The staff will be responsible for project activities on both sides of the border;

Joint financing means that there will be only one contract per project and there must therefore be one joint project budget. The budget should be distributed between partners according to the activities to be carried out.

There is only one project bank account for the EU contribution (held by the Lead Partner). The Lead Partner is responsible for administration and distribution of funds and for reporting on their use.

Applicant details

All partners involved should fulfil the following criteria:

  • be non-profit making bodies/organizations, legally established according to the national legislation of the state on whose territory they are located; Exception is made for subsidiary structures of local/regional/national authorities. In case a structure of local/regional/national authority is not and cannot act as a legal entity, its legally established central organization, if such exists, shall be the project partner;


  • be legally established within the eligible cross border region between Bulgaria and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia; Exception is made for national/regional public authorities whose area of competence, established by legal acts, extends to the eligible area of the programme or structures of central public authorities located in the eligible cross border region which cannot be registered as legal entities – in this case the central authority is a project partner;


  • be directly responsible for the preparation and management of the action with their partners, not acting as an intermediary.
Financial details
  • Priority Axis 1 Environment:
    • Environmental protection and sustainable use of the common natural resources of the CBC area:
      • Soft 50 000-120 000 €
      • Investment 100 000- 400 000 €
    • Prevention and mitigation of consequences of natural and man-caused disasters of cross-border dimension and impact:
      • Soft 50 000-120 000 €
      • Investment 100 000- 400 000 €
  • Priority Axis 2 Tourism:
    • Enhancing the tourism potential of the region through cooperation initiatives in better preservation and sustainable utilization of natural and cultural heritage: 100 000-500 000 €
    • Raising the competitiveness of the CBC region’s tourist offer: 50 000-120 000 €
    • Promoting cooperation among regional actors in the area of sustainable tourism: 50 000-120 000 €
  • Priority Axis 3 Competitiveness -Improving the competitiveness of regional businesses: 50 000-120 000 €

The EU will finance 85% of the eligible expenditures and the state budgets of the two participating countries shall provide 15% co-financing. Voluntary own co-financing by the partners is allowed.

Contact Details

Managing Authority 
Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works of the Republic of Bulgaria

Directorate General of Territorial Cooperation Management
Sofia 1202, " Kiril i Metodiy" Str. № 17 - 19
tel.: +359 (0)2 9405 375, +359 (0)2 9405 581

fax: +359 (0)2 9405 694 (MRDPW) +359 (0)2 987 07 37 (DG TCM)


JTS Kyustendil - main office
Kyustendil  2500, "Marin Drinov" Str. № 7
tel/fax: +359 (0)78 55 11 83/5; 078 58 01 01
fax: +359 (0)78 55 11 85


JTS - branch office Strumitsa

Strumitsa, 2400 NN Blagoja Muceto street fl.2
Army House (City Park) Strumitsa 
tel: + 389 (0)34 330 331
fax: + 389 (0)330 331


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