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Programm: IPA CBC Romania – Serbia

IPA CBC Romania – Serbia
Type of Fund Structural Fund
Description of programme
"IPA CBC Romania – Serbia"

The programme strategy focuses on the key challenges of the border region and the responses that are available to address problems that exist, namely:

  • Overcoming specific issues related to the connectedness of the region, both internally between the border regions, and crucially also externally between the border region and neighbouring areas,
  • Tackling the lack of competitiveness which is a common issue affecting the economy of the border area as a whole, with negative impacts in both the Romanian and Serbian border areas. This includes issues such as entrepreneurship and business activity, innovation, and levels of investment,
  • Addressing key issues of rural development which are characteristic of the regions on both sides of the border, and which would benefit from joint cross-border action in relation to key areas such as (inter alia) agriculture, rural tourism development, and specific labour market challenges in rural areas,
  • Dealing with the significant common challenges in the environment and in specific aspects of local/regional preparedness in relation to cross-border emergency situations,
  • Overcoming the border as a perceived “division”, and promoting greater cooperation and contact between regions and communities on both sides of the border.

The programme focuses on the following priorities:

Priority Axis 1: Employment promotion and basic services strengthening for an inclusive growth,

Priority Axis 2: Environmental protection and risk management,

Priority Axis 3: Sustainable mobility and accessibility,

Priority Axis 4: Attractiveness for sustainable tourism.

Eligible areas in Serbia are 6 districts: Severnobanatski, Srednjebanatski, Južnobanatski, Podunavski, Brani?evski and Borski.

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Thematic Focus Employment, Education, History, Health, Equal Rights, Infrastructure, Capacity Building, Art and Culture, Sustainability, Social affairs, Tourism, Transport, Environment & biodiversity, Traffic, Natural ressources, Migration
Adriatic and Ionian Region, Danube Region
Origin of Applicant of programme
IPA CBC Romania – Serbia
Romania / România Macroregiunea Patru Sud-Vest Oltenia Mehedinţi
Romania / România Macroregiunea Patru Vest Caraş-Severin
Romania / România Macroregiunea Patru Vest Timiş
Serbia / Сpбија
Project Partner Yes
Project Partner Details

Each projects must have at least one partner from each side of the border. The maximum number of partners in one project is 5.

Applicant details

In order to be eligible for a grant, applicants must be organised as non-profit making bodies.

Potential beneficiaries:

  • Regional and local public authorities/ bodies registered and functioning in the eligible area (County Councils, Local Councils/ Municipalities, etc.);
  • National/ provincial/ regional public authorities/ bodies functioning in the eligible area;
  • Other public bodies governed by public law registered and functioning in the eligible area (Prefectures, health care institutions, educational and research institutions);
  • Offices – branches of National/Regional public authorities/ bodies active on the themes of the priority in the eligible area (registered and functioning in the eligible area);
  • Schools and educational institutions functioning in the eligible area;
  • Non – profit bodies and NGOs registered and functioning in the eligible area;
  • Religious organisations, legally established according to the national legislation in force registered and functioning in the eligible area;
  • Chambers of Commerce and Regional Development Agencies functioning in the eligible area and registered in accordance to national law;
  • Museums, cultural, sports, touristic institutions registered and functioning in the eligible area.
  • Health care institutions functioning in the eligible area;
Financial details

Within one single project, the IPA financing for each partner from Republic of Serbia and Romania is 85% of the eligible budget for each partner.
For Republic of Serbia, the remaining 15% must be covered by the partner; for Romania, the remaining 15% can be covered by the national public funds and the partner. National public co-financing at the state level in Romania shall be provided by the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration (MRDPA) to project partners from Romania participating in approved projects.

Contact Details

Managing Authority for the Romania-Republic of Serbia IPA Cross-border Cooperation Programme:

Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration
12 Libertatii Blvd., Bucharest, sector 5
Tel.: +40.372.111.309
Fax: +40.372.111.456
Managing Authority e-mail:
Helpdesk service for the public:

Antenna of the Joint Technical Secretariat

Dimitrija Tucovica, no. 17, 26300, Vrsac
Tel./ Fax: +381.13.834.567


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