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Programm: Enterprises and Competitiveness Italy

Enterprises and Competitiveness Italy
Description of programme
"Enterprises and Competitiveness Italy"
This National Operational Programme has the objective to promote growth and jobs in the less developed and transition regions of Italy by promoting business investment in research and innovation, by deploying ultra-high speed broadband infrastructure and supporting SME growth. In order to achieve these goals, the Programme focuses on the following 4 Priority Axes (PA):
  • PA 1 - Innovation
  • PA 2 - Ultra-broadband and digital growth
  • PA 3 - SME competitiveness
  • PA 4 - Energy efficiency
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Thematic Focus Technologies, Innovation, Research, SME, Telecommunication, Competitiveness, Energy
Adriatic and Ionian Region, Alpine Region
Origin of Applicant of programme
Enterprises and Competitiveness Italy
Italy / Italia Sud
Italy / Italia Isole
Financial details Total Programme Budget: 3.28 billion €
  • EU-contribution: 2.34 billion €
  • National contribution: 937.1 million €
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