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Programm: Rural Development Romania

Rural Development Romania
Type of Fund Structural Fund
Description of programme
"Rural Development Romania"

The Rural Development Programme (RDP) for Romania focuses mainly on 3 priority areas:

  • promoting competitiveness and restructuring in Romania's large agricultural sector;
  • environmental protection & climate change;
  • stimulating economic development, job creation and a better quality of life in Romanian villages.

Under the first of these priorities, the RDP will help modernise nearly 3 400 farms and cooperatives, support the development of more than 30 000 small farms, and help more than 9 400 young farmers to start up. Under the priority second priority - 'Restoring, preserving and enhancing ecosystems related to agriculture and forestry', more than 1.3 million ha (over 10%) of agricultural land and more than 800 000 ha (12%) of forests will benefit from payments to support biodiversity and promote environmentally-friendly land management practices. A further 4.7 million ha will receive support in order to prevent land abandonment and soil erosion. Skills in the agricultural sector will be reinforced by some 184 000 training places, under the above two priorities.

Under the priority 'Social inclusion and local development in rural areas', almost 27 000 jobs will be created in rural areas and the setting up and development of 3 000 non-agricultural businesses will be supported. Nearly 27% of the rural population should benefit from investments to improve rural infrastructure. 

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Thematic Focus Employment, Biotechnology, Energy, Food & Healthy Diet, Equal Rights, Infrastructure, Innovation, Climate, SME, Agriculture and Forestry, Sustainability, Technologies, Environment & biodiversity, Regional development, Natural ressources
Danube Region
Origin of Applicant of programme
Rural Development Romania
Romania / România
Applicant details

Among the potential beneficiaries are: 

  • Public or private entities operating in the field of adult vocational training
  • Farmers, except non-authorized individuals;
  • Cooperatives (agricultural cooperatives and agricultural cooperative companies) and producer groups set up based on the national legislation in force, serving members  interests.
  • Enterprises
  • Administrative-territorial units and/or their associations set-up according to national legislation in force; 
  • Private legal persons/other forms of organization, forest owners and/or their associations according to the legislation in force; 
Contact Details

Managing Authority

Rural Finance Investment Agency
Bucharest, 2-4, Carol I Ave., 3rd district, postal code 030163, postal office 37

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