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Programm: Union Civil Protection Mechanism

Union Civil Protection Mechanism
Acronym UCPM
Type of Fund Action programme
Description of programme
"Union Civil Protection Mechanism"

The Civil Protection Mechanism facilitates coordination in the field of civil protection in order to improve the effectiveness of systems for preventing, preparing for and responding to natural and man-made disasters. The Mechanism should protect primarily people, but also the environment and property, including cultural heritage.

The objective is to support and complement the efforts of Member States in the field of disaster prevention, focusing on areas where cooperation provides added value and complement existing cooperation frameworks/instruments provided by relevant EU macro - regional strategies.

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Thematic Focus Disaster Prevention, Security
Danube Region, Adriatic and Ionian Region, Alpine Region, Baltic Sea Region
Origin of Applicant of programme
Union Civil Protection Mechanism
EU Member States
Iceland / Ísland
Norway / Norge
Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia / поранешна југословенска Република Македонија
Montenegro / Crna Gora/Црна Гора
Serbia / Сpбија
Turkey / Türkiye
Applicant details

Grants may be awarded to legal persons, whether governed by private or public law.

Financial details

The budget for the implementation of the EU Civil Protection Mechanism for 2014-2020 is € 368,4 million of which € 223,7 million shall be used for prevention, preparedness and response actions inside the EU and € 144,6 million for actions outside the EU. These amounts are complemented by contributions from non-EU countries that participate in the EU Civil Protection Mechanism.


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