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Education & Youth & Culture

The focus of education, youth and culture combines various aspects of life.
On the one hand, it includes the promotion of cultural and linguistic diversity, the preservation of cultural heritage and cultural exchanges in Europe. On the other hand, it focuses on education and employment policies of the EU, especially for young people.

EU Youth Strategy

Young people are increasingly facing difficulties in the fields of education, employment, social integration and health, which are combined with financial, housing and transport problems.

Therefore, ambitious targets have been set in the EU 2020 Strategy, as well as in the education priorities under the EU Youth Strategy. The improvement of education systems, the recognition and support of non-formal education, and the promotion of youth entrepreneurship are prioritized within the fields of education and employment.

In addition, the transition from education to work must be coordinated, and the skills that are offered by training courses should be adapted to the required skills by the labour market in order to guarantee the labour market entry.

The participation in the society, and the combat against poverty and social exclusion are additional measures, which are handled by the above mentioned strategies.


Culture & sustainable tourism

In the field of culture, the EU promotes the cultural diversity of Europe, protects the common cultural heritage, and supports the cultural and creative sectors in the context of the European Agenda for Culture and the Work Plan for Culture 2015-2018. The EU aims at improving the access and participation in the cultural field for everyone. Since the opening of the state borders, cultural exchange in Europe is more lively and dynamic than ever. Through mobility of artists and employees from the cultural sector, exchanges and dialogues in the field of culture take place across borders.

In line with these priorities, the EU Macro-Regions also target the protection and valorisation of common cultural heritage and foster development of sustainable tourism.

For more information on EU education, youth and culture policies, please consult the website of DG EDUCATION AND CULTURE.

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