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Former European Commissioner for Regional Policy Corina Crețu:

"EuroAccess is a free online search tool to support the optimal use of existing funding opportunities to improve economic, social and territorial cohesion in the European Union Macro-Regions.
Macro-Regional Strategies were initiated by the various EU Member States as a unique integrated framework to strengthen cooperation in geographic areas that face common challenges and to benefit from common opportunities facing the region. The European Commission welcomes the contribution of EuroAccess to facilitate this cooperation.
Whether it be in the field of environmental protection, transport and connectivity, or in any of the other topics that the Macro-Regional Strategies focus on – strategic cooperation across borders benefits us all!"
Alpine Region Map

Alpine Region

The Alpine macro-regional strategy provides an opportunity to improve cross-border cooperation in the Alpine States as well as identifying common goals and implementing them more effectively through transnational collaboration.
Alpine Region
Danube Region Map


The EU Strategy for the Danube Region (EUSDR) is a macro-regional strategy adopted by the European Commission in December 2010 in order to address common challenges together. The Strategy seeks to create synergies and coordination between existing policies and initiatives taking place across the Danube Region.
Danube Region
Adriatic & Ionian Region Map


The EU Strategy for the Adriatic and Ionian Region (EUSAIR) is a macro-regional strategy adopted by the European Commission and endorsed by the European Council in 2014.
Adriatic & Ionian Region
Baltic Sea Region Map


The European Union Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region (EUSBSR) is the first Macro-regional Strategy in Europe. The Strategy was approved by the European Council in 2009 following a communication from the European Commission.
Baltic Sea Region

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Published on 19.11.2020

Interreg South Baltic 1st Mini Call for Proposals

Interreg South Baltic

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Published on 19.11.2020

Public Procurement of Innovation


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