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EuroAccess Macro-Regions QUIZ

Check your knowledge on EU funding in the Macro-Regions!

Question 1 of 12

Which two countries of the European Union are part of three Macro Regional Strategies?

Exactly - you are right!Not exactly right! Please check again the EuroAccess website!
Question 2 of 12

If you are based in Austria, in how many Interreg binational CBC (Cross-border-cooperation) programmes can you apply for funding?

Please only count the Interreg programmes where two countries cooperate!
Question 3 of 12

If you want to do a project in the Interreg Alpine Space Programme, do you need partners? If yes, how many?

Check out the Interreg Alpine Space Programme to find the right answer!
Question 4 of 12

How many countries are members of the EUSAIR Strategy?

Great!Check again the information provided on our website!
Question 5 of 12

How many EU MS are part of the EUSDR?

Excellent!Did you count the EU MS that are part of the EUSDR? 
Germany, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Romania and Croatia are EU MS that are part of the EUSDR.
Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Ukraine and Moldova are not yet MS of the EU.
Question 6 of 12

Name three relevant funding programmes for countries of the EUSAIR!

Question 7 of 12

How many countries can apply for funding under the Internal Security Fund?

Question 8 of 12

What is the extended programme name of the acronym AMIF?

Question 9 of 12

How many Interreg binational CBC programmes are relevant for Hungary?

Did you count IPA CBC Hungary- Serbia ?
Question 10 of 12

What is different between the programmes Interreg Mediterranean and Interreg Balkan Mediterranean?

Question 11 of 12

What does the programme acronym MED stand for?

Question 12 of 12

Which is the “youngest” Macro-Regional Strategy of the European Union?

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