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Call: Collaborative partnerships

Type of Fund Action programme
Description of programme
The Sport Chapter in the Erasmus+ Programme aims to support European partnerships on grassroots sport in order to pursue the following objectives:
  • Tackle cross-border threats to the integrity of sport, such as doping, match fixing and violence, as well as all kinds of intolerance and discrimination
  • To promote and support good governance in sport and dual careers of athletes
  • To promote voluntary activities in sport, together with social inclusion, equal opportunities and awareness of the importance of health-enhancing physical activity, through increased participation in, and equal access to sport for all
Focus is to be given to grassroots sport.
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Collaborative partnerships
Description of call
"Collaborative partnerships"

Collaborative Partnerships should promote the creation and development of European networks in the field of sport. The EU can thereby provide opportunities for strengthened cooperation among stakeholders, which would not have existed without EU action. Collaborative Partnerships should also foster synergy with, and between, local, regional, national and international policies to promote sport and physical activity and to address sport-related challenges. With the innovative projects, gender equality should be promoted.

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Thematic Focus Mobility & Transport/Traffic
Funding area EU Member States
Danube Region
Eastern Partnership
EU Neighbourhood Policy Countries
Iceland / Ísland
North Macedonia / Северна Македонија
Norway / Norge
Switzerland / Schweiz / Suisse / Svizzera
Turkey / Türkiye
Origin of Applicant EU Member States
Iceland / Ísland
North Macedonia / Северна Македонија
Norway / Norge
Switzerland / Schweiz / Suisse / Svizzera
Turkey / Türkiye
Eligible applicants Federal State / Region / City / Municipality / Local Authority, Association, Public Services, Other
Applicant details

Collaborative Partnerships are open to any type of public institutions or non-profit organisations active in the field of sport and physical activity. Depending on the objective of the project, Collaborative Partnerships should involve an appropriate and diverse range of partners in order to benefit from different experiences, profiles and expertise and to produce relevant and high quality project results.

Project Partner Yes
Project Partner Details

A Collaborative Partnership is transnational and involves at least five organisations from five different Programme Countries. 

Recurring Call Yes
Project duration min 12 months
Project duration max 36 months
Further info

The duration must be chosen at application stage (12, 18, 24, 30 or 36 months), based on the objective of the project and on the type of activities foreseen over time. 

Type of Funding Grants
Financial details

Maximum grant awarded: 400,000 €

Maximum 80% of the total eligible costs.

For European Week of Sport related projects, maximum grant awarded: 300,000 € Maximum 80% of the total eligible costs. 

Submission Funding & Tenders Portal
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