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Call: Call for proposals for multi programmes - crisis call 2020

Acronym AGRIP
Type of Fund Action programme
Description of programme
"Promotion of Agricultural Products (AGRIP)"
The general objective of the Promotion of agricultural products policy is to enhance the competitiveness of the Union agricultural sector. The 2020 work programme focuses on campaigns aimed at non-EU countries with the highest potential for growth such as Canada, Japan, Mexico and Korea. Within the EU itself, the EU will co-finance campaigns designed to promote the different EU quality schemes and labels. Information provision and promotion programmes may consist of ‘simple’ programmes or ‘multi’ programmes. 
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Description of programme
"Support for Multi Programmes"
Multi programmes are programmes submitted by at least two proposing organisations which are from at least two Member States or one or more Union organisations.
Call for proposals for multi programmes - crisis call 2020
Description of call
"Call for proposals for multi programmes - crisis call 2020"
In accordance with Section 1.2.3 of Annex I of the 2020 Annual Work Programme, information and promotion programmes co-financed through the present call shall aim at restoring normal market conditions following the impact of Covid19 on the markets listed under section 6.2. of this call.
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Thematic Focus Employment & Labour Market, Health, Social Affairs, Sports, Agriculture & Forestry, Fishery, Food, Competitiveness, SME
Funding area EU Member States
Origin of Applicant EU Member States
Eligible applicants Lobby Group / Professional Association / Trade Union, NGO / NPO, Association
Applicant details The following entities are eligible for funding:
  • Trade or inter-trade organisations
  • Producer organisations or associations of producer organisations
  • Agri-food bodies involved in a mission of public interest in charge of promotion
Project duration max 12 months
Type of Funding Grants
Financial details Total budget: 5 million €
Min. grant size: 60 000 €
Co-financing rate: max. 85%
Submission Funding & Tenders Portal

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