EuroAcess in a nutshell

The overall objective of the action was to setup and maintain a free of charge online search tool, in a first step, with available EU funding opportunities in the Danube Region and at a later stage for all four European Macro-Regions in the funding period 2014-2020.

The specific objectives include:

  • Regular screenings of open calls of the funding programmes covered by EuroAccess (primarily EU direct managed funding programmes as well as funding from the regional development programmes).
  • Update of existing data and entering new calls for project proposals
  • Extending the geographical scope to cover EU funding opportunities from all EU Member States
  •  Disseminating information from and about EU macro-regions
  • Increasing visibility and reaching a wider audience.

EuroAccess thus provides a one-stop shop for an initial overview of available project funding in various EU funding programmes. The target group is organisations of all kinds (public bodies, companies, NGOs, universities, associations, etc.) that are to be supported in their search for funding for their project ideas.

Based on the horizontal objective of "ensuring better coordination of funding" (EUSDR Action Plan 2010), Priority Area 10 (PA10) - Institutional Capacity & Cooperation of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region (EUSDR) led the creation of EuroAccess with the spatial focus on the Danube Region. Even after the focus was extended to the other EU macro-regions, PA10 continued its work and support. In order to benefit from further economies of scale, the database was extended to all EU Member States in addition to the existing focus on macro-regions.

In order to ensure the operation of the platform and further continuous improvements, the project was co-financed by the European Commission DG REGIO until the end of the funding period 2014-2020. The ongoing operation is funded by the City of Vienna and the Danube Strategy Point to support its the embedding process of the EUSDR.

From the very beginning, EuroVienna as a subsidiary of Wien Holding / City of Vienna has accompanied the development process and implemented EuroAccess from the very beginning.

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