Search for project partnerships

In order to facilitate the search for potential project partners, the different funding instruments offer specific options for the search for partners.

EuroAccess does not provide such tools. On the Partner Search subpage you will find selected links that can facilitate the search for potential partnerships to implement projects.

CERV: Partner Search & Collaboration Platform

The partner search and cooperation platform provided by the Citizens Equality Rights & Values Programme (CERV) offers you the opportunity to find partners for your project(s), find projects in which you can participate as a partner, learn more about the current CERV calls for proposals, learn more about the Citizens Equality Rights & Values Programme in general, exchange with like-minded people from different countries and find inspiration for potential EU cooperation projects in general.


Use this free service to promote the exchange of ideas and partnerships with the aim of improving cooperation between European institutions and developing new practices for education and training.

EU funding and tendering opportunities

If you want to find experienced partners who already have ongoing projects or if you want to browse the database of registered organisations, visit the Partner Search page. You can search by keyword/geographical area/funding type etc. The search results contain full profiles of the organisations with lists of funded projects and the possibility to contact representatives.

Once you have selected your area of interest via the topic search, you can publish your offer/interest for one or more of the open/pending topics of a call on the portal. All offers/interests you publish will also be visible on your organisation's page.

European Regional Development Fund

Use the search function to look for organisations that have completed projects under this programme in the past.

European Urban Initiative- Partner Search

The EUI Transfer Partner Platform aims to support the development of the transfer component and facilitate contact between city authorities.

The platform allows you to create group discussions to present a project idea and describe the type of partners you are looking for. If you are interested in transferring an innovative solution by becoming a transfer partner to address one of your urban challenges, you can submit a description of your urban area and the challenges it faces.

Interreg Central Europe- Partner Search

Are you looking for partners to support your project idea? Do you need someone from a specific field or country? Register on the Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE Community of Applicants page!

Interreg Euro-MED Partner Search

You have a project idea and are looking for partners to implement it? Sign up to the Interreg Euro-MED Forums!

There is one forum per mission. You can visit them without prior registration. If you want to add your own project idea or reply to a post, you need to log in to your account or create one.

Follow the links below to access the different forums:

Interreg Europe

Use the Interreg Europe search function to find suitable partners for your project based on region/country or topic.

Use the database to find the institutions involved in Interreg projects across Europe since 2000. It will help you find a partner with exactly the experience you need for your project.

Otlas- The Partner-Finding Tool

Do you want to make new contacts in the world or find the missing partner for your project? Search for projects, organisations or present your project to find partners.